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Industry Take

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in the 纸 Industry

宝洁公司 & Gamble’s Senior Vice President, Product Supply-Family Care, Regina Gray highlights how diversity in skills and in employees can help elevate companies in the paper and wood products industry.

Georgia-Pacific’s Christian Fischer Champions Sustainability

A diverse workforce helps advance new perspectives to an ever-changing industry. Christian Fischer, President and CEO at Georgia-Pacific and chair of 世界杯下注平台 Board of Directors explains why he believes every person has a role to play in advancing stewardship.

Is There a 纸 Ballot Shortage?

Some recent news reports have suggested a shortage of paper availability for paper ballots in advance of upcoming elections. We sat down with Terry Webber, 世界杯下注平台’s Vice President of Industry Affairs, to answer a few commonly asked questions about this important topic.

Advancing 纸 回收’s Success Into the Future

The findings presented in the 2021 世界杯下注平台 Access to 回收 Study show us that community recycling programs for paper and paper-based packaging are well-developed and widely accessible. This is good news when so many individuals are looking to make a difference on…

Understanding What it Means to be a Responsible Producer

As we look ahead to 2022, there are potentially other states and jurisdictions that will consider EPR approaches that could have negative consequences for the paper and wood products industry.  

National Forest Products Week Celebrates Essential People and Products

During National Forest Products Week, the American Forest & 纸 Association celebrates the essential people who make sustainable products used by Americans each and every day.

Opinion: California AB 416 Threatens Critical Housing Initiative and Impedes 环境al Progress

Heidi Brock and Derek Nighbor explain how the California Deforestation-Free Procurement Act (AB 416) could significantly disrupt Governor 新闻om’s laudable housing objectives.

Rising Up to Advance a More Sustainable Future

Mike Doss has been a part of the paper and wood products industry for more than three decades. Seeing recycled paper turned into products used in everyday life opened his eyes.